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03/31/2014 - Can technology improve the gift receipt?
Fortune Tech/ CNN Money on how Smartgift's e-commerce tech rewrites the etiquette of giving gifts

03/05/2014 - Smartgift takes the headline in local tech publication
This B2B startup is bringing surprise to online gift-giving

02/25/2014 - Smartgift Makes the Cover Story of Independent Retailer's March Issue
Tap Into The Science of Gifting

02/20/2014 - Proudly Made in Brooklyn
Smartgift Enjoys an Evening with the Local Tech Community

02/12/2014 - Smartgift in retailTouchPoints' Trend Watch
Connecting Online And In-Store To Boost Valentine's Day Sales

02/12/2014 - Website Magazine spotlights emergence of online gifting in e-commerce
A Look at Online Gifting Behavior

02/11/2014 - Multichannel Merchant highlights Smartgift's performance data
An Email Address Slashes Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates by 27%

12/12/2013 - Forbes on Smartgift CEO Monika Kochhar
Want To Train For Startup Life? Work In Emerging Markets

12/10/2013 - Smartgift CEO Monika Kochhar Takes Stock of Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday 2013: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead

11/15/2013 - Smartgift Featured in Website Magazine
Boost Sales with the Science of Gifting

10/08/2013 - Retail Online Integration on How Smartgift Boosts Omnichannel Strategies
How Retailers Can Converge Online and Offline Gifting Experiences This Holiday Season

10/07/2013 - Smartgift Featured in Retail TouchPoints' Solutions Spotlight
Smartgift Gifting Technology Helps Maximize Online Gift Sales

10/02/2013 - Smartgift Leads Featured Workshop and Presentation at 2013 Fashion Digital NY
Brings Retail Gifting Thought Leadership to Fashion E-Commerce for Holiday Season

09/11/2013 - Smartgift CEO Monika Kochhar in Forbes on the Future of Digital Marketing
Where's Digital Marketing Heading? 4 Leaders Weigh In

08/16/2013 - Monika Kochhar in Women 2.0
Building a Startup: 3 Rules That Stood the Test of Time

08/13/2013 - Smartgift in B2C Business2Community
What 5 Experts Say About the Future of E-Commerce

07/22/2013 - UPSTART business journal on Smartgift
Startups Take on Online Gifting Blahs

07/19/2013 - Smartgift in B2C Business2Community
Three Innovative Fashion Brands Succeeding Online

07/09/2013 - Smartgift in Multichannel Merchant
Accelerate Holiday Gift Sales with an Ecommerce Tune-up



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